The Gauteng Green Economy Entrepreneurs Forum is the operating entity for SME's & cooperatives in the green economy sector who seeks funding from corporate South Africa and government to facilitate and nurture the development and sustainability of green energy business in South Africa.


Our mandate is guided by the Green Economy Accord and the Green Strategic Programme for Gauteng both signed in 2011. The commitments identified include but are not limited to the following:


  • Retrofitting
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Promotion of Localisation
  • Rollout of Renewably Energy
  • Rollout of Solar Water Heaters
  • Waste Recycling, Re-use and Recovery
  • Economic Development in the Green Economy
  • Reduction of Fossil-Fuel Open Fire Cooking and Heating
  • Youth Employment, Cooperatives and Skills Development

Our focus is on supporting small business in green energy through specialist training, acces to information, business support, skills development and market acces resulting in the creatioon of experts who will make a positive contribution towards preserving our environment.


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